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NIS+ Administration

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NIS+ Administration provides thorough coverage of the NIS+ environment. From constructing a root master server and replicas, to sub-domain management, troubleshooting, security and performance, all of the aspects of working with the NIS+ name service are discussed.

The course covers all aspects of NIS+ administration from installing a single small domain to managing and troubleshooting a complex hierarchial domain structure. It shows how to customize NIS+ to meet an enterprise's requirements, and how to maintain the integrity of the NIS+ data.

Students are shown practical examples of how to set up, configure, use, and troubleshoot the NIS+ environment.

A NIS+ configuration is built step-by-step during class, giving students the opportunity to become familiar with all aspects of the operation of NIS+.

NIS+ Administration includes lab exercises on workstations that allows the student to practice the procedures discussed in class and investigate the NIS+ environment.

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