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Managing XML with the Java Platform

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The Managing XML With the Java Platform course focuses on parsing, managing, and using XML (Extensible Markup Language) documents and data through programs written in the Java programming language. XML is called "portable data," and Java technology is called "portable code." Used together, XML and Java technology are a powerful combination for Internet and Web application solutions.This course focuses on writing programs that parse and manage XML documents using the Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP), which includes coverage of the Simple API for XML (SAX) and Document Object Model (DOM) interfaces. After students become familiar with parsing and managing XML documents, discussion turns to major areas in which XML and Java technology are being used in Internet and Web applications today, including web presentation, business-to-business (B2B) solutions, and databases.Students who can benefit from this course:Software engineers, software developers, application developers, and technical managers who will develop applications that process, manage, and manipulate XML data or documents

Vstupní předpoklady:

  • Java Programming Language (SL-275-SE6)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of XML syntax
  • Write, compile and run Java applications that include handling exceptions and using classes and interfaces from the Java
  • Development Kit(JDK)
  • Describe distributed computing and its major concepts

Co se u nás naučíte:

  • Define XML, SAX, DOM, and JAXP
  • Write programs that use a validating, namespace-aware parser using JAXP
  • Write programs using JAXP and SAX application programming interfaces (APIs) to parse XML documents and provide error handling
  • Write programs using JAXP and DOM APIs to parse and manipulate XML documents as a tree structure and provide error handling
  • Identify and describe major categories of XML application development
  • Convert an existing XML document to another output format, such as text or Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), using an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) process
  • Write XSL stylesheets to perform XSLT transforms
  • Use the Transformation API for XML (TrAX) to write Java programs that perform XSLT transforms using Xalan
  • Explain how various Java technologies can be used in XML application solutions
  • Identify and describe issues XML application developers face, and the standards and APIs under development to help address these issues


Overview of XML and JAXP

  • Define XML
  • Compare and contrast HTML and XML
  • Identify characteristics of XML documents
  • Describe JAXP and the packages in the download software
  • Describe the features of the next version of JAXP (v1.1)

SAX Programming Basics

  • Define SAX, and give a general description of how it works
  • Outline the main methods used in SAX programs
  • Describe the JAXP SAX factory interfaces
  • Identify and describe the SAX event handlers
  • Write a SAX program that defines an event handler
  • Write a SAX program that uses location information provided by the Locator interface
  • Write a SAX program that obtains attribute information

XML Using DTDs

  • Define Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Give an example of an XML file with a DTD to illustrate DTD syntax
  • Write a program that uses a validating SAX parser
  • Write a SAX program that uses the EntityResolver interface to control handling of external subsets

DOM Programming Basics

  • Define DOM, and describe how it works
  • Outline the main methods used in DOM programs
  • Write a DOM program that creates, appends, modifies, or deletes specified nodes from a DOM tree
  • Write a DOM program that modifies element attribute specifications

More on DOM

  • Create a program the uses the TreeWalker class of the JAXP reference implementation to walk a DOM tree
  • Write a program that outputs the namespace associated with every element and attribute in an XML file

Introduction to XSLT

  • Define XSL and XSLT
  • Describe the main components of an XSL document
  • Write a Java program that uses the TrAX and Xalan
  • Transform an XML document using the Xalan XSLT processor and a stylesheet

XML Applications and Java Technology

  • Describe the major areas of XML application development
  • Identify what and where Java technologies can be used in XML application development
  • Describe the message format, communication protocol, and security issues of XML data exchange and integration

XML Application Issues, Future Work, and Products

  • Summarize the issues that XML application developers are still dealing with
  • Identify the standards and APIs under development to address specific XML application issues
  • List XML products and software currently available and the standards these support

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