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Sun Desktop Systems Maintenance

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The Sun Desktop Systems Maintenance course provides students with information about how to install, configure, diagnose, and verify proper operation of desktop workstations based on SPARC technology. Sun desktop systems covered in this course include Sun Blade 1000, Sun Blade 100, Ultra 80, Ultra 60, Ultra 30, Ultra 10, Ultra 5, and Ultra 2 workstations. Students can also learn how to install and configure associated desktop peripherals, including external disk and tape devices. Real problems are introduced into the desktop systems for you to troubleshoot using all available diagnostic tools. Students who can benefit from this courseSystem Administrators, Hardware Maintainers, Field Engineers, and System Support Engineers who support Sun SPARC technology-based desktop systems and the associated peripherals.

Vstupní předpoklady:

  • Use common hand tools
  • Use diagnostic procedures and programs to troubleshoot personal computers to the field-replaceable unit (FRU)

Co se u nás naučíte:

  • Identify the features of each desktop system
  • Perform FRU replacement procedures for each desktop system
  • Describe the functional characteristics of OpenBoot(TM) programmable read-only memory (PROM) architecture
  • Describe each desktop systems' power-on and boot sequence with a block diagram
  • Identify and cable peripheral devices
  • Analyze and repair disk failures
  • Troubleshoot basic boot failures
  • Activate and configure all available diagnostic tools
  • Interpret the results of listed diagnostic tool output
  • Identify, isolate, and describe correct repair for a given system failure to the FRU level


Introducing Desktop Products

  • Describe the SPARC processor
  • Describe the SuperSPARC(R) processor
  • Describe the UltraSPARC(R) processor
  • Describe the Main Logic Board with processor
  • Describe memory types
  • Describe the PCI Bus architecture
  • Describe the SBUS architecture

Introducing the Desktop Product Line

  • Describe the Sun desktop product line
  • Identify typical optional cards
  • Understand external connection types
  • Describe the pizzabox enclosure
  • Describe the tower enclosure
  • Understand Sun part numbers

OpenBoot(TM) PROM

  • Describe the function of the OpenBoot PROM (OBP)
  • Describe the contents of the NVRAM
  • Identify features of the Boot PROM
  • Discuss the POST diagnostics
  • View the POST output
  • Navigate the OpenBoot PROM
  • Determine device path names
  • Describe the process for upgrading the Flash PROM

Booting and Testing

  • Use the Boot PROM user interface
  • Modify the contents of NVRAM
  • Describe the process of booting with device aliases
  • Use specified boot flags
  • Define the boot process
  • Use test and troubleshooting procedures
  • Test the system using OBP commands
  • Understand the Forth-based PROM

Peripheral Devices

  • Describe Desktop Peripheral enclosures
  • Describe the Small Computer System Interface
  • Cable, Terminate, and Address SCSI Devices
  • Discuss the purpose of SCSI Host Adapters
  • Identify different hardware devices
  • Verify the presence of peripherals with the Forth toolkit
  • Add a new device to a desktop
  • Describe different bus types found in Sun systems

Disk Analysis and Repair

  • Describe disk error categories
  • Use the Solaris OS format utility
  • Manage disk defect lists

Boot Sequence Troubleshooting

  • Identify run levels
  • Identify the different boot phases
  • Boot the workstation using different boot flags
  • Repair a corrupted boot block
  • Run the Solaris OS installboot utility
  • Repair a virtual file system table (vfstab) problem that prevents multiuser booting

Online Diagnostic Tools

  • Describe the Sun Validation Test Suite Product
  • Start the SunVTS software product
  • Use SunVTS software in tty mode
  • Run SunVTS software remotely

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