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Sun Identity Manager 8.0 Installation and Administration Essentials

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The Sun Identity Manager 8.0 Installation and Administration Essentials workshop takes a student through the new features provided in Sun Identity Manager 8.0, including how to install, update, and patch Identity Manager. Additionally, students will be able to add and manage resources, seed Identity Manager accounts, and utilize NetBeans within the staging and deployed environment to access Identity Manager objects.Students who can benefit from this course:Identity management administrators and system integrators who need to familiarize themselves with the concepts of identity management and the new features for Sun Identity Manager

Vstupní předpoklady:

  • Experience performing basic system administration, including UNIX administration and networking administration
  • Experience with the concepts of identity management
  • Previous experience and familiarity with Java technology
  • Experience with database concepts and administration
  • Previous experience or familiarity eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

Co se u nás naučíte:

  • Install Sun Identity Manager 8.0
  • Upgrade and patch Sun Identity Manager
  • Maneuver the administrative, user, debug, and console interfaces within Sun Identity Manager as well as the NetBeans IDE interface
  • Perform role management by creating and modifying roles and assigning these roles to accounts
  • Configure Data Exporter and perform a manual execution as well as a scheduled execution of the Data Exporter
  • Enable process diagrams to examine process workflow when manipulating user accounts
  • Perform resource management and data loading from defined resources
  • Implement a delegated administration model
  • Install and use the IDM plug-in to NetBeans IDE, editing and creating customized objects for the Identity Manager environment


Installing Sun Identity Manager 8.0

  • Installing Sun Identity Manager
  • Configuring the GlassFish application server, MySQL database, and NetBeans IDE

Upgrading to Sun Identity Manager 8.0

  • Upgrade to Sun Identity Manager 8.0

Patching Identity Manager 8.0

  • Apply the latest available patch

Data Loading Practices and Reconciliation

  • Create resources, including LDAP, Solaris, and simulated resources
  • Perform data loads from the different resource objects
  • Exam the Active Sync process

Implement a Delegated Administration Environment

  • Create account administrations for organizations
  • Assign these accounts specific rights and capabilities
  • Modify the administration model they have created and implemented

Using NetBeans IDE with Identity Manager

  • Install the plug-in
  • Create a version-controlled staging project
  • Attach a debugger to their Identity Manager environment
  • Examine and modify objects available within the environment

Role Management

  • Create roles, based on specific conditions, exceptions and the four different role types
  • Assign these roles to users defined within the Sun Identity Manager environment
  • Modify a role type

Exporting Sun Identity Manager Data with Data Exporter

  • Configure Data Exporter by creating an external database, modifying the settings for Data Exporter within Sun Identity Manager, and scheduling an event

Enabling Process Diagrams and Charts

  • Modify the System Configuration object within Sun Identity Manager
  • View the results of these changes within the administrative interface

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